Veromatic International BV is established in 1991 and located in Dordrecht.

Since its inception, Veromatic has developed into an international player in the development and production of high-quality machinery for warm and cold beverages for the professional market.

Our mission

Veromatic’s mission is: “To bring happiness at work”. We aim to achieve this by developing and producing state-of-the-art machines that offer consumers high-quality consumptions, with the starting point: “Made to serve, designed to last”. To this end, we strive to create long-term partnerships with operators and premium brands.

Our vision

Veromatic International has a strong position in its home market of the Netherlands and in Europe. It is our ambition to strengthen this position in the future by creating new, sustainable partnerships with both vending machine operators and the food & beverage industry.


All of our coffee machines are prepared for the use of telemetry. Operators can use these types of systems to manage their activities in an environmentally friendly way. We aim to reduce the ecological footprint of our daily activities wherever possible. In this way, we use energy, materials, and water critically. It is part of our mindset and our way of conducting business. Sustainability is also part of the product development process. Veromatic critically looks at the amount and type of materials used and at the energy consumption of the developed machines.

Veromatic International has therefore developed VIPS (Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving), a self-learning energy saving system that continuously determines the periods in which the machine is not in use. The coffee machine automatically switches to standby mode at these times. This technology can ensure energy savings of up to 43%.

Veromatic International measures the energy consumption of each machine according to the protocol of the European Vending Association. Tests show that our machines perform well. Please refer to the device specifi cations for more detailed information.

Veromatic is affiliated with the collective ‘Wecycle system’. This means that machines that are at the end of their life cycle are delivered to the right recycling stations. Wecycle ensures that optimal recycling takes place. 75 to 95% of the collected Wecycle machines are recycled. As a result, raw materials are preserved, and unwanted substances do not end up in the environment.


ISO 9001:
What does ISO 9001 Quality Management entail?

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard in the field of quality management and is, therefore, a measure of transparency and reliability in the market. As we are ISO 9001 certified, Veromatic meets this standard. Quality management is reflected throughout all parts of the processes within our organisation. With ISO 9001 quality management, we guarantee continuous improvement of quality, so that we can keep meeting the needs of our customers.

Environment ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the international standard with requirements for an environmental management system. Veromatic uses the environmental management system to develop an appropriate environmental policy and to guarantee its implementation. The basis for the environmental management system is the “plan-do-check-act’ cycle (PCDA). ISO 14001 sets the following requirements for the results of the management system:
  • continuous improvement of performance and protection of the environment (for example by preventing environmental pollution);
  • control of environmental risks due to the activities of the organisation;
  • fulfilling at least the applicable legal requirements.
This concerns the possibilities for Veromatic to exert influence on the environment from a “life cycle” perspective. This means that the possible environmental aspects of suppliers and customers fall within the environmental management system, for the purpose of sustainable business.

Godrej Group

Veromatic part of the Godrej Group, India

Veromatic International has started a partnership with Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd from India to enable geographic expansion outside of Europe. This opens up new possibilities for Veromatic International BV and new markets.

The Godrej Group, India:

  • Established in 1897
  • Family business
  • Turnover: around USD $4.1 billion
  • Number of employees: around 20,000 worldwide


We are a no-nonsense company with a “can do” mentality, customer oriented and an international orientation. We believe in the interaction between people. Interaction leads to new ideas, better solutions, greater insights and realistic expectations. Are you interested in Veromatic and convinced that you fit the profile of Veromatic International? Mail your motivation with references and CV to: