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Icon Instant

solubleThe Icon Instant coffee machine is quick in preparing the finest coffee, coffee variaties and other drinks, and is with that also very user friendly. The unique touch screen makes it easy for anyone to make a selection from all the different products available. The double cup sensors make sure that the cup must be in the right position before a drink is dispensed. Spillage and contamination are therefore a thing of the past. A jug facility is also one of the many features on this machine. The Icon Instant coffee machine is also available with an internal water cooler for dispensing a refreshing glass of water. The door is designed to make it possible to integrate a large size touch screen.


  • Dimensions 860x385x560 mm (hxwxd)
  • Weight 37 Kg
  • Electricity 230V, 50Hz, 3.1kW single heating element
  • Boiler 5 litre
  • Canisters 3-5
  • Mixers 3
  • Capacity 240 cups per hour
  • Energy label A+ (30l/24h)
  • Menu Coffee, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Espresso, Café au Lait, Café Macchiato, Wiener Melange, Hot water