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Icon Fresh Brew

freshbrewEvery cup of coffee is freshly brewed in the traditional 'filter paper/brewer' way. The Icon Fresh Brew coffee machine offers a choice out of two cup sizes and a possibility to adjust the strength of your beverage. There is an option of either collecting the solid waste in a container below the brewer in the machine cabinet or diverting it with a paper guide to a bigger waste container placed in the base cabinet. All Icon coffee machines have an automatic rinse programme.


  • Dimensions 860x385x560 mm (hxwxd)
  • Weight 41 Kg
  • Electricity 230V, 50Hz, 2.1kW single heating element
  • Boiler 1.75 litre
  • Canisters 4-5
  • Mixers 2
  • Capacity 180 cups per hour
  • Energy label A+ (30l/24h)
  • Menu Coffee, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Espresso, Café au Lait, Café Macchiato, Wiener Melange, Hot water