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Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us. Therefore a lot of time and effort is put into the development and design of our products. Our internal development process is organised in such a way that we constantly monitor the operational issues of our machines against the requirements in the field. The in-cup quality of the drink, the consumer interface, the Total Cost of Ownership, the serviceability, the daily service, hygiene and sustainability are all taken into account during the development process.

Our in-house development team secures our knowledge and know-how.

We are proud to have our own unique technology like the Vero brewer as it gives our customers a competitive advantage. So does our modular approach towards designing concepts. A good example of our modular approach is the ability to have 4 different coffee brewing systems on one machine platform. This approach gives our customers an advantage in managing stocks of spare parts in both their ware -houses and service cars as well as an advantage in service efficiency due to the common know how.

The modular approach also gives us the opportunity to build customized machines in an efficient way. As a vending operator you have easy access to a distinct, personalized machine portfolio.