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Veromatic International is launching the new Forza soluble coffee machine. The Forza is specifically developed for locations where speed and volume are of great importance. The Forza coffee machine in it’s basic configuration is able to dispense both coffee and hot water in jugs or cups simultaneously. Flexibility is also part of the design as jugs of different sizes can be used up to a maximum height of 35 cm.
New forza coffee machineThe capacity of the machine can be increased by making use of a 9.1 kW heating element and with the possibility of the simultaneous dispensing for both coffee or hot water the Forza will give you an excellent output up to 750 cups per hour.

Both product outlets are designed to connect a tube to fill large beverage containers. The height of the machine is not really a restriction. So the existing way of distributing your beverages can be continued.

vipsThe Forza is equipped with the Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving (VIPS) software. VIPS is a self-learning energy saving system, which continually determines the periods when the machine is not in operation. At these times the coffee machine automatically switches to standby mode. This technology can provide energy savings up to 43%.

To control the dispensing of jugs and as such to avoid spilling of coffee the jug function can be restricted with a PIN code access.

The machine operates with a touchscreen interface and is easy to clean and maintain because of the RVS materials used and the flat tempered glass front.

If you are interested in the Forza please do not hesitate to contact us.