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Veromatic International is constantly improving the way we manage our operations. We decrease the carbon footprint of our daily operations where possible. From the energy, materials and water we use to the cars we drive. It is a part of our mind - set and a continuous part of the way we run our business.

Sustainability is also a part of the product development process and again we look critically at the amount of material, the type of material and the energy used by our beverage equipment.

Veromatic International has developed VIPS (Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving), a self-learning energy saving system, whvipsich continually determines the periods when the machine is not in operation. At these times the vending machine automatically switches to standby mode. This technology can provide energy savings up to 43%.

energielabelAll our coffee machines are prepared for the use of telemetry. Operators can make use of this type of systems to manage their operations in an environment friendly manner.

Veromatic International is measuring the energy consumption of each machine according to the protocol of the European Vending Association. Tests show that our machines perform well. Please refer to the machine specifications for more detailed information.

In the Netherlands, Veromatic International is a member of the ‘Recycle Scheme’ for machines. Machines that have reached the end of their life cycle can be turned in at special recycling stations (Check www.nvmp.nl). They guarantee professional dismantling of machines.pvn logo